The main aim of the health initiative of the H.E.E.D. Foundation is to promote health literacy and healthy living for the people of the constituencies and their surrounding areas we serve



  • Initiate and promote programs that target disease prevention
  • Educate the elderly about chronic medical conditions and the management of these diseases
  • Initiate and promote programs that aim to reduce substance abuse and misuse among youth and adults


Get Fit with HEED

Fitness class led by a fitness specialist (hired by HEED) with the people every Saturday morning

Health Screenings and Mini Clinics

This is an annual health event conducted by local and United States health personnel assembled by HEED to perform health screenings, donate medications and durable medical devices, such as knee braces, and also biennially treat health conditions

Golden Tips

Health Workshop and Lectures

These are lectures and knowledge based activities aimed at empowering the people about their medical conditions and how to manage them